Presearch created a Reward Verification System (RVS) to protect against those who are just trying to collect Presearch tokens and are not really using the search engine. Please review the terms,

The RVS gives each member a User Level based on whether their search activity appears to be genuine or just for the purpose of collecting tokens.


You may not know that using Presearch for the main goal of collecting tokens is against the terms of service you’ve agreed to. Many people watched videos on Youtube or joined Presearch without reading the terms.


If that is you, and your account is now restricted, do not worry. You can simply change how you’re using Presearch and in time, you will be able to access your tokens again.


You can find your PRE Level in the account section of Presearch (


Your search activity will be evaluated every week (each Monday afternoon, Eastern Time Zone) and your PRE Level will be updated at that time, if applicable. Please note that your Level can go up, down or remain the same based on the automated evaluation of your search activity.


If your Level goes down below 5, you will be notified by a message on the site with instructions for the steps required to continue using Presearch.


You will likely need to activate 2FA in order to search again. You can do that by following these instructions:

1) Go to and click Two Factor Authentication.

2) Download an app called ‘Authy’ on your mobile device: 

3) Open the app and scan the QR code on Presearch.

You will need to enter the 6-digit number displayed on your app into the field on Presearch. Do it quick, because the number changes every minute.

You will need to open up Authy and enter this number any time you need to log into Presearch again.


Click here to learn more about 2FA: 


Once you are at Level 5 or above, you are eligible to withdraw your tokens as long as you are over the minimum threshold for eligible tokens.

To learn more about the Level system, please read this page:


The key to using Presearch is to use it like you would use Google or any other search engine. Use it when you need to do research, shop online, access your favourite websites, look up sports scores or search for videos. 


Just do not ‘click, click, click’ on the search button.